A kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen- Masaharu Morimoto

So I know that all of you were like… “when is this dude going to have another post up, I am feen’in for some more goodness” so here it is.  Most of you know that I am slowly (or really rapidly depending on who I am talking to) becoming a huge fan of Crossfit.  It literally has saved me from a multi-level spinal fusion, made me feel stronger in every aspect of my life and has brought me the company of some really great friends who share a common goal.  Since I have worked really hard on the exercise part, I am going to focus on my diet for a little while just to see if I can get ripped or least move a little faster in the gym.  My goal is to compete in the 40 year old masters division in a few years, but according to my coach Joe Passalaqua I need to get to about 220. Some of you have known me forever, and the last thing I ever have been considered is ripped.  Strong yes, enormous yes, a neck that trailed gently off into my back, which trailed handsomely off into my hamstrings… check.  I was 300+ lbs of solid steel and sex appeal at one point in my life.  I was big for a purpose not because I was a poor eater or didn’t exercise.  For a long time, I haven’t had that purpose so now I am working to become a completely different body type…. even though I still love to eat!

So just for the first week or so I am going to refrain from describing delicious food as to not make me really “Ha-ngry” and teach you a few lessons about equipment. Knives. Kitchen knives specifically.

I attribute everything I know about knives to my brother Jeff an avid knife collector and chef.  We started collecting knives at a very early age and it has since translated into the kitchen.  Below are a couple of steps on how to go about sourcing and using better kitchen knives.

Step 1: take your current kitchen knives and give them to your kids to play with.  Really.  Ok, not really.  However I am positive they are probably duller than a pair of plastic safety scissors or a conversation with your Sunday school teacher.  Dull knives will hurt you, end of conversation.  It is critically important that you use sharp knives in your kitchen.  For most of us, an ELECTRIC KNIFE SHARPER will work great.  I recently got into hand sharpening my knives, which is fairly easy but requires practice and patience to learn. Below is an awesome video that can teach you this skill.

How often do I recommend sharpening knives?  Every damn day.  If you cant do it every day… at least do it once a week. Sounds crazy right?  What wedding anniversary are you on? When you received that knife set was the last time you probably sharpened your knives.  Now who’s crazy?

Step 2: don’t ever put your knives in the dishwasher.  This is just lazy, and will ruin you knives no matter what the manufacturers recommendations are.  Instead, use soap and warm water to wash your knives.

Step 3: if your knives are total junk, purchase a few good knives for prep work.  Prep can be made both easy and fun if you have some decent knives to help you work.  Here are a few recommended knives that will suit most everyone just fine.

Henckels Pro S– I own a couple of these, and they work really well.  They hold a true edge, and are really classically designed knives.

Costco- Gunter Wilhelm Knives– I purchased one of these sets, because you can never have enough people helping you prep.  They are a really great value, have an awesome warranty and have a nice “heft” in the hand.

If you are looking to really get serious, as I am… look into these beauties.  These gentleman at Blood Root Blades hand make every knife to order.  I am going to get myself and my brother one of these!  The only hitch is that there is a 2 year wait list.

Step 4: Use a good cutting board.  Find a cutting board that will stay in place, can be cleaned easily and will have enough weight to it so when you smash garlic with your blade… it doesn’t sound like a shot gun going off.

If you just follow those 4 simple steps, I promise you your life in the kitchen will improve dramatically!  Next week I will share with you some basic knife skills that will help get you going with your newly sharpened knives.  Now go into your kitchens, put on some Motown, sharpen your knives and have a blast prepping and drinking wine with your family’s.

I will be here eating lettuce and water.



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